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[Eng Subs] EXO-M’s Chen & Tao at Zhang Li Yin’s showcase

Here is EXO-M Chen and Tao’s full cut from Zhang Li Yin’s “Not Alone” showcase, fitted with English Subs.

The guys looked super cute on-stage with Zhang Li Yin.

It was an entertaining night, and the EXO boys got a whopping 30 minutes of screentime.

There were performances, Q&A’s, fan involvement, and more at the showcase.

Eng Subs EXO-M Chen and Tao at Zhang Li Yin's showcase

Chen kicked off the video off with a duet performance of “Breath” with Zhang Li Yin.

Afterwards, Zhang Li Yin surprises him by having the fans sing Happy Birthday to him, which I have to say is very sweet and selfless of her, giving a spotlight to a guest.

Later on, Zhang Li Yin and Tao discuss her latest MV for “Not Alone” and how his acting was.

The three of them then talked about their most memorable incidents.

Zhang Li Yin closes out the video with a pretty great cover of Beyonce’s Love on Top.

Check out the full video of EXO-M Chen and Tao’s cut at Zhang Li Yin’s showcase.

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