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[Eng Subs] Law of the Jungle preview ft. Tao shirtless

The first Law of the Jungle in the Solomon Islands preview is out and fan girls will be screaming!

The preview is only 15 seconds long, and it features EXO-M’s Tao doing stunts, being cute, and wait for it…. taking off his shirt!

Watch the preview below and just keep those 2 seconds of him taking off his shirt on repeat.

Now that’s the type of preview that’ll get all the EXO fan girls tuning in.

Eng Subs Law of the Jungle featuring Tao Shirtless

The first episode of the series will be premiering next Friday at 10:00PM KST!

Check out the preview in the video below.

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  1. Aiza Lynn Comilang says

    tao is daebak…

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