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[Eng Subs] Running Man Ep. 209 ft EXO-K Kai and Sehun

Running Man Episode 209 featuring EXO-K’s Kai and Sehun is out!

This episode is like an idol royale, featuring many top artists competing against each other in sets of teams.

Kai and Sehun look super young and adorable among all of the senior artists present during this episode.

Check out them dancing, laughing, and battling it out on this episode of Running Man.

Eng Subs Running Man Episode 209 EXO-K Kai and Sehun

The teams are split apart, with Sehun and Kai being on the green team.

The entire episode is crazy and hilarious. There’s water sports, mud-wrestling, puzzle solving and more going on.

Since these videos are private, we can’t embed them.

To watch this episode of Running Man featuring EXO-K’s Kai and Sehun, just follow the links below: – Running Man ep 209 – Part 1 – Running Man ep 209 – Part 2

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