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Ex EXO member Kris Wu signs with Universal Music Group!

Kris‘ success has skyrocketed ever since leaving EXO.

We wish that he was still with the group, but we’re also very, very happy to see how his career has been going ever since he went solo.

He’s been scoring movie roles left-and-right, including international movies like xXx: Return of Xander Cage, starring alongside Vin Diesel, Donnie Yen, Nina Dobrev, Ruby Rose, and more.

Now he’s about to take his music career to the next level with this new multi-year contract he has signed with Universal Music Group, which is pretty much the largest music company in the entire world.

With UMG, Kris will be releasing his music internationally, except in Japan and South Korea.

Lucian Grainge, the CEO and Chairman of UMG, stated:

“Kris is an incredibly talented recording artist, songwriter, actor, and entrepreneur. I’m thrilled that Kris will be joining the UMG family and honored that we will have the opportunity to build upon his remarkable successful career.”

Kris also commented, saying:

“It’s my pleasure to be part of this collaboration with UMG. I’m enjoying the time to share the creative aspects and vision of my music. As a singer-songwriter and producer, the album I’m working on right now is elaborately produced and rounded by me. I will keep working to deliver more beautiful works to all of my audiences around the world.”

We’re glad that Kris is going to be able to pursue and create music that he wants to create and that Universal Music Group is giving him the autonomy to do so.

We know that one of the main reasons that Kris left SM Entertainment was because they kept limiting the type of music that he wanted to sing and create, so it must be a dream come true for him to be able to sign with UMG and launch music of his own creation.

We’re sure that when Kris drops his new album, it’ll be a best-seller.

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