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Ex-SM Trainee Kevin Shin reveals self-made track he made with EXO’s Kris

Ex-SM trainee Kevin Shin was cleaning out his hard drive when he came across a very old, self-made track that he made with EXO’s Kris back in 2009.

He decided to share with all of his followers the immense talent that both he and Kris possess.

It looks like Kris’s music composition skills are no joke.

We hope to see Kris and Lay produce some of EXO’s future tracks.

EX SM-Trainee Kevin Shin reveals self-made track he made with EXO's Kris

Kevin’s composing skills are amazing, and it shows in this self-made track, dubbed “Lullaby“. The piano melody throughout the song is enchanting.

This song is a rap song and the lyrics are in English. Fans are in for a treat because alongside the rapping, Kris also sings a little bit as well!

You can check out the track below via Kevin’s SoundCloud.

Kevin and Kris were best friends back when they were both trainees for SM Entertainment.

Rumor has it that Kevin was supposed to debut with EXO, but for unknown reasons, he dropped out.

He is now part of Oscar Entertainment, alongside Moonkyu.

We’re glad that Kevin and Kris’s friendship is still going strong, and we can’t wait to see Kevin (and Moonkyu) debut.

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