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Ex-Topp Dogg Member Hansol Scares Fans on Stream; Receives Help

Ex-Topp Dogg member Hansol, now known as Kim Minsung, scared fans on his most recent Instagram livestream.

Minsung started off his broadcast with noticeable slits on his wrists and blood coming out.

He was crying and asking fans for help.

Fans were, of course, panicking and trying to comfort him.

They said that this wasn’t the first time that Minsung has talked or hinted at committing suicide.

Just last year, in June 2017, he had another scary live broadcast where he was talking to his fans about his suicidal thoughts.

Fans reached out to Minsung’s company, who have confirmed that he’s all right and his giving him help.

Fans are continually giving him support and asking that others send him positive messages.


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