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EXO achieves a Daesang all-kill with the Seoul Music Awards!

EXO has just achieved a Daesang all-kill, and the Seoul Music Awards helped them grab it!

The boys won the Daesang at the 23rd annual Seoul Music Awards, meaning they won all 4 end-of-the-year daesangs available for 2013.

The boys won the BC UnionPay Album of the Year Daesang from the 2013 MAMA awards.

They won the “Best Song of the Year” award at the 2013 MelOn Music Awards.

They won the Disk Daesang from the 28th annual Golden Disk awards, and now they’ve completed their Daesang all-kill at the SMAs.

EXO wins daesang from the Seoul Music Awards

Congratulations to EXO for making such a huge achievement!

Not only that, but they also took home a Bonsang award and a Digital award from the Seoul Music Awards tonight.

I’m sure netizens won’t be entirely too happy about this, but when are they ever?

2013 has been an absolutely phenomenal year for EXO, and they have made achievement after achievement with their 1st full-album “XOXO”.

Hopefully 2014 is just as amazing for them.

You can check out EXO’s acceptance speech as well as their encore stage in the videos below!

EXO – Daesang acceptance speech

EXO – Encore stage

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  1. Midnight.Rose says

    So proud of the wolves! D.O’s run at 1:49 was amazing…No words. They really deserve this<3

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