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EXO achieves their 4th win in a row with “Growl”! Forms a human pyramid on-stage

EXO has just secured their 4th win in a row with “Growl”! Tonights win comes from Mnet’s M!Countdown and this time their competition was Crayon Pop. The boys were a shoe-in to win tonight’s M!Countdown, with the boys receiving 96.6% of the viewer’s votes compared to Crayon Pop’s measly 3.4%.

On the album sales charts, EXO ranked 1st place with 57% sales, with VIXX being a faraway second with 11.2%.

What bothered me about tonight however was that EXO was actually very close to losing to Crayon Pop! It was shocking to many people. The final score was 8154 vs 8021, meaning they won by a measly 133 points. That’s scary.

EXO achieves their 4th win in a row with Growl Forms a human pyramid on stage

But nonetheless, EXO won out in the end, and to thank all of their fans, the boys hilariously formed a human pyramid (like the ones you see cheerleaders do).

Congratulations to EXO on their 4th win in a row! They have officially matched the amount of wins they achieved with Wolf. It won’t be long now before they set a new record for themselves.

Check out the video of EXO winning below, at least the human pyramid portion.

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