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EXO achieves their 6th win with Growl!

EXO is on a roll! They have just snagged their 6th win with “Growl”, furthering their list of accomplishments. Today’s latest win comes from Show Music Core, and they were  up against both Crayon Pop and Huh Gak. EXO came out on top though. They had 8666 points compared to Crayon Pop’s 5597 points and Huh Gak’s 6105 points.

EXO is now on their way to Los Angeles, California to perform at KCON 2013. There they will be joined by the likes of G-Dragon and their labelmate F(x). Hopefully they’ll also be able to take some vacation time, perhaps visit Disneyland! For those of you lucky enough to be attending KCON 2013 this year, take lots of pictures! They’re definitely going to be performing Wolf and Growl at their concert, and perhaps some other songs off their album (Baby, Don’t Cry & Black Pearl please!).

EXO gains their 6th win in a row with Growl

Congratulations to EXO again on their 6th win. It’s most likely not going to be their last win considering just how popular SM Entertainment’s rookie group is.

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