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EXO adds one more date to their 1st solo concert in Seoul!


Good news for all of you who couldn’t get tickets for EXO’s solo concert in Seoul!

EXO has added another date to their tour, so fans will be able to purchase tickets to their concert on May 23rd!

But god-speed to you all. The last set of tickets sold out in less than 2 seconds.

But yay, we’re glad to see such a huge demand to see EXO in concert!

EXO adds one more date to their 1st solo concert in Seoul!

Tickets will go on sale today at 8:00PM KST through GMarket.

EXO will hold 3 concerts in Seoul, and then their tour will branch off to other countries in Asia.

China and Japan are a shoe-in for EXO to hold concerts in, but we’re hoping that they also hold some concerts in the Philippines and Malaysia as well!

Their first concerts will be held in celebration of their 2-year anniversary, so we hope fans show them lots of love and support!

You can check out more info on the concert here. Also check out EXO prepping for their solo concert in SM’s trailer below!

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