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EXO and BEAST fans are already going to war with each other

So today I learned that fandoms take their fan colors really, really seriously.

BEAST fans are extremely upset with EXO and their fans over balloon colors.

Because EXO is set to comeback on April, their promotions will overlap with BEASTS, who are set to come back in late April.

BEAST’s Beauties have shown their absolute disgust towards EXO fans using the same white balloons as them.

EXO and BEAST fans are already going at war with each other

For those of you who don’t know, EXO was supposed to get an official fandom color last year, but for one reason or another, SM Entertainment has delayed it indefinitely.

EXOtics have been begging SM Entertainment to decide on an official fandom color as well as an official fandom name, but to no avail.

Beauties and EXOtics have had arguments over balloon colors before, but now the aggravation levels have increased a whopping amount.

What these fans don’t realize is that there are tons of idol groups, and only so many colors on a palette.

Check out these fan comments translated by KpopKfans. Beware, they’re vulgar:

1. [+94, -4] I’m an EXO fan. I wish they choose the official color soon. We don’t even know which colors are left. If we keep using white, we’ll be sorry to Beast and Beauties, fanwars occur, and haters also take this chance and bash us. I’ll buy both EXO and Beast’s albums. On April, IU and A Pink also have comebacks. It’s jjang.

2. [+83, -120] Stupid EXO fans. I really hate it, do not use your balloon in front of us. I fucking want to burst all of them.

3. [+81, -27] Yeah there’s the color issue but isn’t making our kids win 1st more important? We’re already sick of people looking down at Beast… Let’s make them win 1st a lot.

4. [+54, -11] It overlaps again ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Their comebacks overlapped last year, too. Ha….

5. [+42, -28] I’ll be straight forward. EXO fans are saying that they’re complaining to SM about the color issue but it’s useless because the result is the same. I fucking get mad when I see EXO fans with white balloons. Fucking EXO fans.

6. [+38, -6] Let’s make Beast oppas win 1st. Let’s show the power of Beauties. Buy the album, do a lot of steaming, and do all the voting. I hope for a daebak comeback.

7. [+27, -1] Not just EXO, but Infinite and 2PM also have comebacks ㅠㅠ I’m worried but let’s cheer for Beast.

8. [+23, -0] Tbh winning on music shows is important but also the official color is just as important. What do EXO fans mean by using the same color? Official colors were all different since long ago and they never overlapped. But why are these EXO fans shamelessly saying “we could just use the color together” when we Beauties were using white first? I’m not saying EXO fans should be responsible instead of SM but I hate their “so what” attitude. I don’t think you have the right to be shameless just because SM is not changing the color.

9. [+22, -0] The color issue is sensitive… I hope the solve this problem before the dream concert. I think it’ll be better to mail the companies than commenting here.

10. [+20, -5] What do you mean EXO beats Beast ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Their live skills are much better, do you think having more fans is winning? Get better with singing live and tell me. Such EXO pride the fans have.

  1. passion burn says

    WTF? it’s not the fans fault that the idols doesn’t have an offcial color yet. if you want to hate someone hate the agency. Not EXO who doesn’t even aware of this and their fans who just wanted to have fan materials to wave just like any other fans.
    Normally beauties are understanding and I’m very disappointed (as a beast fan myself) to see some of them being inconsiderate. As a stan of a sunbae group they should be understanding towards their hobaes.

  2. Sjelf4life~~ says

    i don’t think that all companies will pick a different colour. Like there arnt enough main colours uless they want us to use ‘dark dark purple’ or something like that. Its not juts about the colours of the fandom its about the group itself. Im pretty sure exo and beast don’t care about the colours either

  3. Hai Blut says

    i like b2st too but their fans are crazy

  4. tippany says

    omg does the color fricking matter gaaaaaahd

  5. EXOtic4LIFE says

    Y they blaming EXO fans for? I mean like.. it’s just a color is it even a real reason to argue about?

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