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EXO and SHINee chosen to be the new ambassadors for Gangnam!

The Seoul Office has decided to make EXO and SHINee the new ambassadors for its Gangnam district, one of the most wealthiest districts in all of Seoul.

It’s also the place where EXO’s Suho and his family lives.

It’s the perfect place for both groups to become ambassadors.

They’re definitely at the top of the class when it comes to celebrities.

EXO and SHINee chosen to be new ambassadors for Gangnam

Their ambassador promotions will officially begin next month, however, their advertisements are already being displayed at airport terminals.

We can’t wait to see what kind of promotions EXO and SHINee do for Gangnam.

With their promotions, the Seoul office expects to attract as much as 8 million tourists to Gangnam, a huge increase from the 5.1 million mark it had reached before.

Maybe SHINee and EXO will do a promotional song, kind of like what Girls’ Generation and Super Junior did for Seoul.

EXO has been receiving great offers from all corners. They’re currently promoting Nature Republic, Crunky, Kolon Sports, and Sunny10’s products. Add this onto their list and these boys are making bank.

We’re happy to see all of the success that the SMTOWN family has been receiving.

We’ll be updating you once EXO and SHINee’s ambassador duties begin!

Credit: Kor_Celebrities

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