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EXO arrival/departure from Changsha Airport – Gallery (29 images)

When EXO arrived at Changsha Airport, they were greeted by a mob of fans. That feeling must have been both amazing and scary at the same time, especially considering how pushy and rude some of these fans were. As soon as the boys stepped into the airport, they were pushed around and shoved by their aggressive fans. At first everything was fine. The fans were nice enough to give EXO a clean way to their vehicles, but then after the boys left the airport station, all hell breaks loose. It seems as though Luhan suffered the most damage from the situation, as various pictures showed him in shock and in panic.

EXO at Changsha Airport 13

Judging from one of the pictures, some of the boys suffered minor injuries due to the event.

EXO at Changsa Airport 1

However, despite all of the chaos that ensued, EXO was grateful to have so many fans who love and adore them. When the boys returned to Changsha airport, both Luhan and Tao show their appreciation for their fans by showing off their “Wolf” choreography before checking their bags at security.
It’s great that EXO is exploding in popularity, but fans need to extend much more courtesy to these boys because afterall, they’re still human.

The boys just finished up their appearance at Hunan TV’s Happy Camp and are back in Korea to promote. They have two fansign events taking place today as well as a radio interview at MBC Shindong ShimShimTaPa Radio. They’re going all out with the promotion of their first full-album, XOXO, by participating in a huge amount of interviews and variety shows. SM Entertainment has even decked out a bus with EXO XOXO advertisements in order to get their name more out there. As EXO continues to become more popular, we can expect these fans to become more aggressive to obtain these boys’ pictures.

Images provided by SMent.EXO

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