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EXO at Incheon Airport heading to Shanghai

Here are some fantaken photos of EXO at Incheon Airport heading to Shanghai!

The boys all donned some simple outfits for their airport fashion.

Xiumin had a picture of a freaky weird kid on his shirt, Baekhyun had a shirt that said “How to get arrested” (o_O?), and Chen… my God Chen please throw those pants out.

Other than Chen’s pants, everything else looked fine.

EXO at Incheon Airport to Shanghai 20140721 15

I do kind of wished we had a better look at Tao’s outfit, because he always seems to be the most fashionable.

We know the fashion king was Kris though, which makes things a little more sad. Kris had some amazing airport fashion, and who knows, he probably gave some great advice to the other members on what to wear, and what not to wear.

We really love Suho’s outfit though. He really found a way to make his hair work with that fedora. He looks so chic.

Sehun looked amazing as well, but with his height and his body, it’s hard not to look amazing in anything you wear.

Check out EXO’s Incheon Airport fashion below. Credit: Owners:

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