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EXO attains 8th win with Call Me Baby!

EXO attended M!Countdown yesterday to promote Call Me Baby and they took the #1 spot as expected!

M!Countdown aired a day late because Mnet, as we as other broadcast stations, wanted to pay their respects to the 1-year anniversary of the Sewol Ferry Accident.

EXO was down both Lay and Tao again, but the other 8 members still performed exceptionally!

This is EXO’s 8th win with Call Me Baby and they’re still dominating.

EXO wins 8th win with Call Me Baby via M Countdown

Though their win on M!Countdown was a bit scary.

They were only up by 326 points against Miss A, when they’re usually up by thousands of points.

We hope that EXO can continue going strong and taking home awards.

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