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EXO attains their 5th win with Miracles in December!

EXO grabbed their 5th win with Miracles in December yesterday from Show! Music Core!

They had to go up against Seo In Guk and VIXX for the win, but they came out on top.

EXO’s points tallied up to 9032 points. VIXX followed behind with 6837 points and Seo In Guk came in last with 3980 points!

Congratulations to EXO for their 5th win, and I believe their 23rd overall win this year!

EXO attains their 5th win with Miracles in December

EXO dressed up in red shirts today with white suspenders.

They performed “Christmas Day” while performing their jaw-dropping dance again. We seriously need a dance practice video for that song.

While it was heartbreaking to see EXO go up against VIXX, we know that both groups are close and that VIXX was more than happy for EXO.

I believe that EXO will be performing on Inkigayo today, so let’s hope they are able to grab their 6th win! I believe they’re going up against 2NE1 and Seo In Guk today for the win.

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