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EXO attains their 7th win in a row with Growl!

EXO attained their 7th win in a row with Growl! They went up against Crayon Pop and f(x) once again, and this time around, they weren’t even present at Inkigayo! The boys are busy preparing for their schedule at KCON 2013 (f(x) too actually), so in place of their presence, Inkigayo just had generic pictures of each group and their respective scores.

The boys won with a whopping 9518 points compared to Crayon Pop’s 7233 points and f(x)’s 6519 points. EXO managed to receive perfect scores for both SNS and SMS. The boys’ album released 20 days ago, yet sales for it is still going strong! Earlier today, Growl managed to snag the #1 spot on MelOn’s realtime chart again.

EXO attains their 7th win in a row with Growl!

Congratulations to EXO on their 7th win in a row! And we hope that they have a wonderful time in LA, where they’re shopping away their free time. EXO will be back in Korea soon, and with their next set of promotions, they may be able to snag the coveted Triple Crown all these senior idols seem to be grabbing.

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