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EXO Backpack – Here are some great options

Are you looking for a nice, adorable EXO backpack to show off at school?

Here are some great options available for you, and what’s even more great is that they’re much more affordable than the ordinary, plain backpacks you find at the department stores.

Without further ado, here are a few of our top picks.

We’ll have some more EXO backpack options available for you in the EXO Shop.

EXO Canvas Backpack with a brown strap:

EXO Canvas Book Bag with Brown Strap

This canvas backpack features a huge EXO logo from the group’s XOXO era.

At the moment, you can get the backpack at a low price of only $20.77.

EXO Schoolbag from the Miracles in December era:

EXO schoolbag from Miracles in December

This EXO backpack features the Miracles in December logos as well as the XOXO logs.

It’s beautiful and it’s more of a classic backpack compared to the knapsacks above and below.

And what’s even more amazing about this backpack is that you can get it for a ridiculously low price-point of only $8.09.

EXO Canvas Backpack with white straps:

EXO backpack Overdose era

This backpack features the newest EXO logo from their Overdose Era.

What’s great about this book bag is that it comes in a variety of colors, so if Black is too boring for you, you can opt for a red, blue, yellow, pink, or sky blue backpack!

This backpack is a bit more expensive at a $34.22 price point, but for the quality and the beauty of this backpack, we feel that it’s worth it.

EXO Canvas Tote Bag:

EXO canvas tote bag

Sometime you might feel like hauling around a backpack to school, so this EXO canvas tote bag will be a great option for you.

This tote bag is super cute, featuring the EXO logo from their XOXO era, as well as a silver ribbon wrapped around the top of the bag.

This EXO backpack will only set you back $9.99.

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