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EXO Birthdays

Here is a list of EXO birthdays!

Know when your favorite bias’s birthday is coming up so you can send him fan letters, presents, or just a happy birthday message.


D.O Kyungsoo’s birthday: January 12th, 1993

Kai’s birthday: January 14th, 1993


Xiumin’s birthday: March 26th, 1990


Sehun’s birthday: April 12th, 1994

Luhan’s birthday: April 20th, 1990


Tao’s birthday: May 2nd, 1993

Baekhyun’s birthday: May 6th, 1992

Suho’s birthday: May 22nd, 1991


Chen’s birthday: September 21st, 1992


Lay’s birthday: October 7th, 1991


Kris, Wu Yifan’s birthday: November 6th, 1990

Chanyeol’s birthday: November 27th, 1992


Be sure to load up your social media accounts on each EXO members’ birthday! We’re going to be trending their names alongside our happy birthday messages just to make their day even more special.

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