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EXO buys fried chicken for fans at ISAC


To thank EXO-L who attended the Idol Star Athletic Championship to support Tao and Xiumin, EXO bought them a bunch of fried chicken!

Perhaps Kai was the one who came up with the dinner idea.

Fans were very grateful for EXO’s kind gesture. They shared pictures of their meal all over social media.

Check out pictures of the delicious meal below:

EXO buys fans fried chicken at 2015 ISAC

The packaging looks so adorable. Maplestory + Yoo Jae Suk = Love.

I also love how the box has a section separate for the soda and the 3 dipping sauces.

I wish that my country had fried chicken packaged like this too.

We hope that the EXO-L at the event enjoyed their meal.

They certainly deserve it seeing as they stayed at the ISAC venue pretty much the entire day.

EXO buys fans fried chicken at 2015 ISAC 1

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