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EXO cheers on Superstar K5’s Park Jaejung

EXO’s Chanyeol, Xiumin, and Baekhyun got together to cheer on Superstar K5’s Park Jaejung!

The members said that they have been a fan of Park Jaejung for a while now, ever since they watched him during the preliminary rounds of Mnet’s Superstar K5.

They said that they find his semi-low voice charming and that he looks much more handsome in-person.

Park Jaejung charmed the boys of EXO with his rendition of their song “Growl“. Each member immediately got into the groove by chiming in with harmonizations and beat boxing, giving the song some extra flair.

EXO cheers on Superstar K5's Park Jaejung

The members liked Park Jaejung’s version of Growl so much that they said, “We’ve never heard a remake [of Growl] like this before. We think our ownership of the song is about to get stolen.”

EXO’s appearance on Superstar K5 will air on November 8th at 11:00PM. But you can check out Park Jaejung’s rendition of Growl in the video below!

Source: EXOK-Trans

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