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EXO Chen rumored to join the cast of Reply 1988

Rumors are floating around Weibo, and currently Korean news outlets like OSEN and Naver, that EXO’s Chen might join the cast of Reply 1988!

The “Reply” series has been known to take trending idols and cast them in supporting roles, and it’s worked wonders on those idols’ careers.

However, as of right now, neither SM Entertainment nor the Reply producers have confirmed nor deny these rumors.

And then there’s the added bonus of Chen’s acting… we’re not sure how it is.

EXO Chen rumored to join cast of Reply 1988

Chen has said before that he has no interest pursuing an acting career, and that he would rather pursue musicals or music solos instead.

If he does join Reply 1988, he will have big shoes to fill. The past “Reply” idols have done a great job in their roles.

Also, his fellow EXO member D.O has earned endless praise from netizens for being a survivor of SM’s actor-dol curse.

But despite having a whole lot of expectations to live up to, we think Chen would be able to pull off the role.

He has a fantastic sense of humor and an energetic personality. With a little bit of training, he could win the hearts of viewers — no problem.

In somewhat related news, it’s also rumored that INFINITE’s Woohyun will be joining the cast too.

Source: Vay26 @ Onehallyu

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