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EXO Chen’s Interview – Being an “Outsider”, EXO Gatherings, and Sehun’s Influence

EXO’s Chen just made an appearance on MBC’s Radio Star to promote his new album, April, and a Flower, where we found out much, much more about him and his personal life.

On the show, the hosts asked Chen if it’s true that he’s considered an “outsider” in SM Entertainment.

In fact, they emphasized that this was a “well-known” detail about him.

Chen commented that he doesn’t really like talking to people via texting or phone calls.

He would rather have more intimate discussions with them in-person.

EXO's Chen radio star interview outsider sehun

But because he’s an idol and everyone’s schedules are usually super busy, he isn’t able to do that.

When people ask him about his relationship with another person, he’ll simply tell them,

“We’re not really that close.”

He wants to call people and arrange times when they can have dinner and hang out, but he has anxiety that he’ll be inconveniencing them or making them feel pressured to make time for him.

So he says that he just feels more comfortable being alone by himself.

He also stated that when EXO hangs out as a group, he’s usually the first one to head home, but not because he feels left out.

He says it’s because when he gets drunk with the boys, he tells himself,

“I’m drunk. I need to go home.”

Here’s where his interview picks up and becomes less somber.

Chen says that when EXO hangs out as a group, they hang out all night.

“Once we get started talking about something, it can go on and on for hours. There’s a lot of us, so sometimes we can talk until 4 or 6 in the morning. Because we have a lot of people, our talks can go on forever. If we go to a restaurant or some other place for a long time, we start to feel guilty holding the place up for so long. So we just use the conference room at SM Entertainment where we can hang out as long as we want.”

We’re so happy that EXO, who have been together for about 7 years now, are so close.

Chen says that there’s one member most responsible for bringing EXO together to hang out.


He says that Sehun usually gets the ball rolling.

He’ll be the one who sets the dates, asks everyone where they should meet, and coerces everyone to make time for one another.

Chen says about Sehun,

“He has the most initiative. He’s really got influence in the group.”

Way to go Sehun, the lovable maknae.

While we’re sad that Chen plays the role of an “outsider”, we’re happy that EXO is still so close as a group.

They have 3 years left on their contract and we hope that they continue to stay close and promote together afterwards.

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