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EXO chosen to endorse “Hat’s On” 2016 S/S collection


EXO has a new endorsement deal, and I think it’s one that they will really like.

The boys will be endorsing Hat’s On and its 2016 S/S collection!

They already shot a pictorial, and of course they all look super cute in Hat’s On’s retro-style caps.

Check out their pictorial below.

EXO Endorse Hat's ON SS 2016 1

Over the summer, EXO will also be releasing a commercial for Hat’s On.

Filming for the commercial is said to happen sometime in the Spring.

Everyone already looks so spiffy and neat in their pictorial, we can’t wait to see what kind of concept they come up for their commercial shoot.

It’s a shame that only 8 of the EXO members were able to participate in the pictorial.

Lay is off in China filming and being a star, so unfortunately we probably won’t be seeing him in EXO’s endorsement of Hat’s On.

EXO Endorse Hat's ON SS 2016 2EXO Endorse Hat's ON SS 2016 3EXO Endorse Hat's ON SS 2016 4EXO Endorse Hat's ON SS 2016 5

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