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EXO confirmed to be promoting in separate units; to release a mini-album


SM Entertainment has just released confirmation that EXO will indeed be promoting as EXO-K and EXO-M.

SM also confirmed that EXO will only be releasing a mini-album this time around, and not a full-studio album as we had hoped.

Perhaps the rumors were true when people were saying that this would be their title song.

While there wasn’t any confirmation on when the mini-album would be released, we do know that EXO will be holding their comeback showcase on April 15th.

SM Entertainment confirms EXO will promote as separate units and will release a mini-album

Currently, Samsung is holding a promotion for “Samsung Music” subscribers from April 1-9th. Some very lucky subscribers will be able to win tickets to EXO’s comeback showcase.

At the showcase, which will be held at the very large Jamsil Stadium, EXO will be showing off their new concept, which is said to be the 6 phantoms versus the 6 masked men.

Fans will also get to hear some of the newer songs on their mini-album as well.

We can’t wait for EXO’s comeback! And if you’re a Samsung Music subscriber (or are soon going to be), the best of luck to you in getting those tickets.

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