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EXO, Crayon Pop, and BTS are all nominated for “Artist of the Year”

EXO, Crayon Pop, and Bangtan Boys have all been nominated for the “Artist of the Year” MAMA award!

It’s a VERY tough competition for this coveted award. Many other Kpop artists are competing for the same award, including powerhouses like Girls’ Generation, IU, INFINITE, SISTAR, PSY, SHINee, G-Dragon, and more!

It’s an honor just to be nominated for it.

At the moment, EXO is miraculously at #1 with about 26% of the votes! EXOtics are working hard to make sure that their favorite artist wins the coveted prize.

EXO, Crayon Pop, and BTS are nominated for the artist of the year award

The MAMA awards are one of the most prestigious awards given out to Kpop artists and the ceremony is one of the funnest Kpop events of the year.

If you haven’t already, you should vote for your favorite artists! You can sign in through Facebook, Twitter, or your Mnet account to vote.

All you have to do is go to the MAMA voting page, and place your votes. I’m not sure if you can only vote once or if you can vote once a day.

Here are the current rankings:

  1. Bangtan Boys is leading the “Best New Male Artist” award with 40.9% of the votes.
  2. EXO is leading the “Best Male Group” award with 37% of the votes.
  3. EXO is leading the “Best Dance Performance – Male Group” award with 37.7% of the votes.
  4. EXO is leading the “BC – UnionPay Song of the Year” award with 25.6% of the votes.
  5. EXO is leading the “Artist of the Year” award with 25.1% of the votes.

Good luck to all of the participants!

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