EXO D.O caught up in dating rumors with Girl’s Day’s Sojin

Rumors are floating around that EXO-K’s D.O is dating Girl’s Day’s Sojin.

Now of course, take these rumors with a grain of salt.

These rumors could just be the work of some bored netizens, or crazed-out EXO-L.

Here is a compilation of “evidence” that the poster has collected.

EXO D.O caught up in dating rumors with Girl's Day Sojin

1. D.O and Sojin “together” at a fishing trip.

The 1st set of pictures provided is apparently “proof” that EXO’s D.O and Girl’s Day’s Sojin went on a fishing trip together…

However in the pictures provided, we can’t really see the guys face (darn you big sunglasses).

Though the fact that D.O and the guy in the picture have the same pair of shoes is a little bit suspicious… but only a tiny bit.

EXO D.O caught up in dating rumors with Girl's Day Sojin fishing trip 1EXO D.O caught up in dating rumors with Girl's Day Sojin fishing trip 2EXO D.O caught up in dating rumors with Girl's Day Sojin fishing trip 3

2. Couples Running Shoes

Then the poster provided images of D.O and Sojin wearing couples running shoes.

D.O has the running shoes in white and Sojin has the running shoes in black.

EXO D.O caught up in dating rumors with Girl's Day Sojin couples shoes 1

3. John Legend’s “All of Me”

Sojin sang a cover of John Legend’s “All of Me” at a concert. About a week or so after, D.O said that “All of Me” was his most favorite song.

4. They were on the same plane to Mexico together. They also had a press conference together.

Both D.O and Sojin were on a flight to Mexico together as EXO and Girl’s Day were set to perform at Music Bank’s special event together. They were also at the same press conference there.

It’s not odd at all that they were on the same flight, and of course they’d be on the same press conference. It was about their Music Bank in Mexico performance.

EXO D.O caught up in dating rumors with Girl's Day Sojin Mexico Press Conference

5. Sojin said that her first love was from Gwangjin-gu

In an interview, Sojin mentioned Gwangjin-gu while talking about her first love. Gwangjin-gu is where EXO’s dorm is located. The poster finds it odd that Sojin’s first love would be from Gwangjin-gu because she lived in Daegu from when she was born until her days at college.

But you know, Sojin could have met her first love in college, and he could have moved to Daegu from Gwangjin to study.

EXO D.O caught up in dating rumors with Girl's Day Sojin first love gwangjin daegu

6. Any mention of D.O-Sojin’s rumored relationship on Naver’s search engine has been deleted

The poster finds it odd how when a male idol gets associated with a female idol, they pop up in Naver’s related searches. But D.O’s association with Sojin has been deleted off Naver’s related search… Now that is a bit odd.


So there’s all of the “evidence” provided by the poster.

Take it all with a grain of salt.

But honestly, at this point, who knows whether this rumor is true or false.

We’ll see what happens, and whether or not SM says anything about it.

Here are netizen’s responses to these rumors:

1. [+46, -0] Wow…What I don’t understand from the celebrities is this. There are a lot of non-celebrity couples who don’t do the couple items, but why do celebrities have to have couple items and hint it? They wouldn’t get caught easily if they don’t wear the couple items… They should date quietly. They said they’re not gonna publicize their relationships and yet they wear couple items
2. [+27, -1] That’s basically dating
3. [+23, -1] I think everybody expected this


Source: Kpopkfans

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  1. Sinead A. Croarkin
    November 17, 2014

    First, that picture of the fishing trip, the guy has a different build and hairstyle than D.O
    Second, the shoes… Really D.O. must be the only person who has these shoes? Rubbish.
    Third, running shoes…clearly it means that I ‘must’ be with D.O considering that I have the same running shoes as he does.
    In summary, I take this lightly.

  2. I GUESS..
    November 17, 2014

    the number 6 evidence… i don’t know but

  3. Javier Ignacio
    November 17, 2014

    I know this hasn’t been spread that much and I’m worried I’m bringing unneeded attention to this, but I thought I should translate the whole thing because I know some of you are still confused and believing it. So here’s the post that I’m gonna translate! (I will translate mostly everything but leave out stuff that isn’t too necessary/important. Also, please look at the pictures in the link for reference as I won’t be re-attaching them!)

    The title says “Sojin D.O fishing date”

    “Seems like Girl’s Day Sojin and D.O are dating? It has been posted yesterday

    They’re on a boat.. (maybe it’s) Sojin’s mom? D.O’s mom? An ajumma?

    The girl who’s bending down is Sojin

    Even the hair is the same color as D.O’s… It might not seem like D.O because he changed his hairstyle, is wearing sunglasses and he’s biting his lip but it is D.O

    D.O always does that pose before taking pictures”

    Now just to make things clear, the post I’m linking to is not the original poster of the picture. The poster is simply basing things off the original post, which the re-poster attached a screenshot of. The op’s post says

    Title: D.O and Sojin came to my city to fish

    “Hey this isn’t a problem (if I post this) right…? This is so scary..

    I’m not sure if it’s a recording or not

    But they’re both wearing sunglasses, anyways supposedly this is D.O and Sojin

    If this is a problem please let me know…”

    So the op clearly says supposedly, so, they weren’t sure either. In the comments, someone said that the op later on posted a comment saying this:

    “First of all, I posted it to kakao story too but that person is the ajusshi from the fishing store and this is Geogeum-do, also sometimes called Geumsan. Also the kakao talk conversations, my friends kept telling me it’s them, it’s not them, so I asked the adults and they told me it was them (d.o and sojin) so I concluded it was and made that post… On my kakao my friends assured me it was them so I thoughtlessly posted it on the anonymous board because I thought it was cool that I saw a celebrity, at first I posted because I thought it was a recording and even in the anonymous board there were comments confirming it and since they said I should upload a picture and that they wouldn’t report me, I uploaded the picture. But as I thought about it, I thought I had written the post too conclusively so I erased the original post and posted the second post that sounded like I was just basing off of allegations instead but I think someone captured the original post and spread it. Since it was my mistake I’m really sorry, I’m sorry to the fans and I’m also sorry to the Jjook bbang (name of the cafe) members.. I was thoughtless.. Firstly let me explain, it was just an allegation but it’s not true @@ I’m sorry for creating a rumor.. I heard that my careless post assuming that similar-looking people were them spread a lot and that fans fought and argued over comments and stuff and that it spread to other cafes too so I’m really sorry.. I will keep modifying the post

    @@@@ It’s really not (them).. They are similar-looking people but I must have mistook them @@ I posted in the title of the original post that it was the two of them but I didn’t say it was a dating rumor or anything ㅠㅠ I really just wanted to say that they came fishing that’s why I posted it but anyways since everyone has been damaged by it already it’s my fault..”

    That was what the original poster of theoriginal post said, which the re-poster completely missed out and only posted the post that the op deleted.

    I know this might sound confusing but, in other words: D.O and Sojin are not dating. A fan just saw two similar looking people and, even though the girl might have been Sojin (there were picture evidences showing that their clothes were the same and Sojin went fishing), it has been confirmed that the male is not Do Kyungsoo.

    Please stop spreading this false statement around!

  4. ShyQuietGirl
    November 17, 2014

    Number three isn’t really evidence, anyways, I hope they’re happy (if they’re together!). EH…. I wonder if bashing will come, I hope not D:

  5. ilovexopcy
    November 18, 2014

    Obviously that guy isn’t do Lol do has wide shoulders but that guy don’t and do hair is not similar either

  6. LiLithepanda27
    November 18, 2014

    I don’t think that “dude” has the same hair and shoulders (maybe it’s just a guy just trying to be D.O.)

    People need to freakin’ leave people alone – they ARE just human beings too

  7. January 11, 2015

    […] EXO D.O caught up in dating rumors with Girl’s Day’s Sojin […]

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