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EXO Die Jungs “The Boys” photobook!

The EXO Die Jungs photobook is set to be released on August 20th!

Die Jungs, which means “The Boys”, will come in 4 different sets:

There’s the EXO-K set, which has 340 pages of photos featuring mostly the members of EXO-K.

There’s the EXO-M set, which has 340 pages of photos featuring mostly the members of EXO-M.

There’s the EXO set, which has 340 pages of photos featuring a fusion of both members from EXO-K + EXO-M. This version also comes with a DVD.

And lastly, there is the EXO premium set, which contains the EXO-K, EXO-M, and EXO photobooks and the DVD. There are only 10,000 copies of the premium version available.

EXO Die Jung The Boys Photobook Premium Version

All 4 sets also include an MD postcard set.

The EXO-K + EXO-M set costs around $67.99 right now, the EXO version costs $69.99, and the premium version costs $229.99.

You can pre-order a copy of the Die Jungs “The Boys” photobook from the links below.

Happy shopping!

EXO-K Die Jungs “The Boys” Photobook – $67.99

EXO-M Die Jungs “The Boys” Photobook – $67.99

EXO Die Jungs “The Boys” Photobook  + DVD – $69.99

EXO Die Jungs “The Boys” Premium Photobook set – $229.99

  1. ilove edisonhuang says

    i really love tao but he didnt know im exist this world…so that im her stalker

    1. meme says

      he a camera-whore (excuse my language) but you will always see him look at the camera more than other members. SO don’t worry, even if he doesn’t see you he know you love him :3 because Tao’s wish is to be with the fan forever. That’s boy self-conscious so he know nobody can makes him feel special unless are the fans! so HWAITING!!!!! LOVE

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