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EXO endorses KOLON SPORT’s new Fall/Winter collection

EXO has scored another endorsement deal! KOLON SPORT, known for their durable, high-performance outerwear, has signed EXO-K up to be the face of their new Fall/Winter fashion collection!

With EXO’s unstoppable popularity, KOLON SPORT knew that EXO would be the best candidates to show off their new collection with.

The boys of EXO-K donned KOLON SPORT’s collection of puffy and high-endurance gear in HIGH CUT Magazine’s latest issue. The boys looked all snuggly and warm in their new attire. While the jackets aren’t really fashionable, EXO-K definitely made them look a lot more attractive (which is probably what KOLON SPORT’s was going for).

EXO endorses KOLON SPORT's new Fall Winter collection

The prices for KOLON SPORT’s collection varies… but so far it seems like the cost of  KOLON SPORT’s jackets range from about 65,000 won to 80,000 won, so about $60-$75 each. That’s actually really affordable considering how well-made these jackets are.

Congratulations to EXO for scoring another endorsement deal! I hope they get paid handsomely. Hopefully in the near future, these boys will be able to endorse luxury brands. I know that Tao would love to be a model for Gucci.

EXO endorses KOLON SPORT's new Fall Winter collection 1

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