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EXO expresses their bittersweet feelings towards ending their promotions


EXO has had a spectacular year this year. They made a comeback in June with their 1st full album. They managed to secure over 750,000 sales for both their 1st album well as the repackaged version of said album, a feat that hasn’t been achieved by any other artist for the last 12 years.

They managed to secure 4 wins with their track “Wolf”, 14 more wins with “Growl”, and were even able to take home 4 Triple Crowns. They were able to beat out top performing artists like f(x), 2NE1, Seungri, and more to secure their wins, even though they’re still considered rookies by netizens.

They were guests on many variety shows, setting new records for viewership ratings and even breaking said records themselves. Their online stream of Naver Starcast’s “EXO: A Midsummer Night’s Growl” managed to draw in over 350,000 online viewers throughout 90 countries, the most Naver has ever had.

They opened up their own collaboration shop, filled with clothing, accessories and more carrying their brand name.

There were so many more achievements that EXO was able to carry out in a matter of just 3 months, securing their positions as one of the top K-Pop acts in 2013, and giving them a satisfactory end to their promotions.

So how does EXO feel now that their promotions for XOXO has officially ended?

EXO shares their bittersweet feelings towards ending their promotions

EXO stated,

“Now that our farewell stage has arrived, it feels both refreshing and regretful at the same time. Compared to a year ago, there are a lot more people who recognize us. We are thankful that we are receiving so much love. We will prepare and work hard to show a better image.

We have a lot of regrets… During our long hiatus following our debut album “MAMA”, we had prepared so many things. As we started to promote another album, we were determined to show many new things, but as we reflect back on ourselves, we wonder if we were able to accomplish our goals. As much as we have regret, we will work harder and we will prepare for our next stage.

Although this is our last stage, there are a lot of programs that we have recorded for that still haven’t aired, so you’ll still be able to see us on TV for a while. Through those many programs that we’re featured on, we will fill that emptiness [that takes our place].”

EXO’s final live stage was on Music Bank. Their performances for both Music Core and Inkigayo were pre-recorded because the boys had to travel to both the Philippines and Malaysia to perform at concerts.

It’s bittersweet not only for EXO, but for EXO fans as well now that they’ve finished their promotions. On the one hand, the boys finally get to sleep more than 2 hours a day! But on the other, we’re all full of emptiness now that we won’t be seeing EXO on music shows, and we won’t be consecutively seeing these boys at fansign events, new variety shows (after their pre-recorded ones air), and such.

Congrats to EXO for having such a phenomenal year! We can’t wait for their next comeback, which won’t be too long from now considering they’re already working on their new single!

Source: Allkpop

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