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EXO fan steals Xiumin’s framed photo from BWCW

Today is the last day before EXO’s pop-up shop, “Boy Who Cried Wolf”, closes down.

During all of the chaos happening at the store, an EXO fan managed to steal the framed photo of EXO’s Xiumin that was hung up.

The photo was signed by Xiumin himself, and no it was not for sale.

It was most likely stolen by sasaeng fans, who aren’t unfamiliar with the ways of kleptomania.

EXO fan steals Xiumin's framed photo from BWCW 1

It’s really shameful how these fans would steal an item from an actual store… and in front of hundreds of other people.

It’s already bad enough that they stole D.O’s boxers as well as EXO’s wish padlocks from Namsan tower. Do these crazy people know no restraint?

At least the other 11 photo frames are still hung up (but for how long?).

In related, and more cheerful news, BWCW’s last day was a huge success! There was a ginormous line of fans waiting to enter the shop so that they could make their last purchases.

Hopefully with such a huge, successful last day, SM Entertainment will be encouraged to open more pop-up shops for EXO in the future.

Until that day comes though, you can still purchase EXO’s BWCW merchandise through sites like YesAsia.

EXO fan steals Xiumin's framed photo from BWCW


Source: EXONyeonDan

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