EXO fans create the XOXO Movement to fight against sasaeng fans

EXO fans and fan sites are joining forces to push out what they call the “XOXO Movement”. The movement was started by IHaveAThingForEXO and it’s encouraging all of EXO’s fans to slowly, but surely put an end to this sasaeng nonsense that has been plaguing SM Entertainment’s favorite rookies.

If you’re not familiar with the sasaeng’s and their effect on EXO, you can check out this post here. The sasaeng issue has gotten so out of hand that it’s starting to become harmful to the members’ mental health, especially D.O’s.

EXO fandoms create the XOXO Movement to fight against Sasaeng fans

The XOXO Movement encourages EXO fans to stop spreading around sasaeng-like photos. That means fans shouldn’t repost, retweet, or share any photos of the EXO members when they’re in front of the SM Entertainment building, when they’re going to take a shower at a hotel, when they’re eating out at restaurants, or basically when they’re not at any official event.

There is some debate about whether or not fans can take pictures of the EXO members at airports, because as we know, many other groups get their pictures taken at airports (that’s why we have those “rate this person’s airport fashion” topics), so that’s all still up in the air. But it’d be awesome if fans would stop ambushing and shoving the EXO members when they arrive/depart from the airport.

The XOXO Movement encourages  fans to only take pictures of the EXO members when they’re at a concert, a fansign event, broadcast events, an interview, or any other official event. The XOXO Movement also discourages the spreading of rumors, drama, and any sort of negativity regarding the members or their fans. Rumors, especially, spread like wildfire and some of the more gullible folk are quick to believe them.

I think the XOXO Movement is a great idea, and with the positive response that it has been receiving, who knows, maybe it’ll help clean up EXO’s sasaeng problem, if not reduce it to a minimum. No matter how popular EXO is, they still deserve peace and privacy just like normal people.

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  1. Mtshinee
    September 29, 2013

    XOXO movement doesn’t sound that bad ..However, I would miss pictures from the airport (cries)..& also I never knew pictures in front Sm building were by sasaeng fans. And on the other rest of the things you have said in the article. I agree. Everything should be done at official events.

    • proudsonelf
      September 29, 2013

      I think airport pics are fine, as long as the fans behaves and know their limits.

  2. Hina Aishiteru Maii
    September 29, 2013

    PLZ use the hashtag on twitter and tumblr!

    Pass the word around!!

  3. Kalv
    September 29, 2013

    not bad… but i still dont get it about ‘exo in the airport’ and ‘in front of SM building’, isnt it also part of their job? they’re going to SM for practices and going to airport to go to other locations for exo’s activities. so the one that we shouldnt share is exo in the airport when they’re in the middle of personal activities, am i right?

    • your shadow
      October 15, 2013

      But these places aren’t ones where fans and EXO are supposed to meet if you know what I mean. Fantaken photos in concerts are fine because fans are supposed to attend a concert and it’s not an invasion of privacy, but standing in front of the SME building can be argued to be an invasion since it’s not an official event for the fans ^^” Sorry if I am confusing you more now.

  4. Kinky_ass
    September 29, 2013

    I am having high hopes for this. But it would be hard I guess. But seriously D.O’s part killed me :/

  5. aniki
    September 30, 2013

    es una pena que allá fans como las sasaeng “apoyando” a exo
    que no se dan cuenta q lo unico q hacen esa minas es hacerlos sufrir ?
    da bronca
    espero q esta proyecto tenga excito TTTT….TTTT

  6. stephanie
    September 30, 2013


  7. […] “XOXO Movement“ was started by IHaveAThingForEXO to gradually stop the saesang madness that plagues SM’s […]

  8. miyoung123
    October 16, 2013

    I support this movement. I’m gonna spread this to my friends. WE ARE ONE!! >-<

  9. Maijun Jamdee
    January 17, 2014


    There’s a petition to start up the XOXO Movement. And if you go on change.org and search up sasaengs, you’ll see a bunch of petitions that want to stop them.

  10. FAITHful
    July 13, 2014

    I seriously support this movement so much.
    Poor Exo, their BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS TO LIFE (HEAR THAT, SASAENGS?) is being compromised and it’s sad to hear that they have less safety and security than even the average civilian.
    And it’s sad to hear that they’re even suffering mental health issues from this situation too. You’d expect them to be happy, surrounded by their fellow members/bros as well as friends and family… but now they just feel like their lives are being threatened by these heartless *dogs* who think it’s a-ok to stalk and abuse their idols even though they have done nothing wrong.
    What irks me even more is that nothing has been done so far to stop these nasty pests. Because evil only triumphs when the good stand by and do nothing.
    So YEHET to this movement, because it’s finally a chance for us legitimate fans to have a voice, take a stand and put an end to these, what I call Exo Fandom Death Eater fans’ actions.
    Or just put them in a mental institution to experience the hard life. Seriously. -_-

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