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EXO fans prepare a massive feast to support Chen’s “Breathe” promotions

To support EXO’s Chen with his promotions for SM’s The Ballad’s “Breathe”, EXO fansites all worked in unison to prepare a massive feast for Chen and his staff!

The pictures, which were uploaded through KimJongdaeNet, show the variety of dishes and drinks the fans prepared, and how spectacular their attention to detail is.

The entire meal covers all of the nutritional bases that Chen and his staff need to go about their workday full of energy.

What’s even more amazing about all of this is that EXO fans even purchased customized labels for each food and beverage product, making their gift extra special.

EXO fans prepare a massive feast for Chen

For drinks, fans prepared a great variety of options to fit everyone’s needs. Chen and his staff could choose from orange juice, grape juice, mineral water, vitamin water, and more to drink from.

They could then proceed to eat some ban chan, delicious fruit cups (organized in a very pretty manner), and drink some hearty kimchi soup.

Then they could chow down on a variety of different meats, including chicken katsu, steak, beef, and pork.

For dessert, they were given a variety of packaged candies, self-made chocolates, and a special cake made for Chen.

It was a remarkable feast prepared by EXO fans, and it was all packaged very neatly.

We hope that EXO’s Chen and his staff had a wonderful meal and that it gave them the energy they need to pull through their exhausting schedules.

140218-2 EXO fans prepare a massive feast for Chen 2

Source: KimJongdaeNet

  1. kkaebsong~ says

    Kim Jongdae Fighting! ♥

  2. Midnight.Rose says

    Awww! These guys are genuine fans! Go Chen Chen!!!

  3. FracoisAlbien says

    omg!…EXO fans are amazing…so proud to be one….EXO fans saranghaja!!!

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