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EXO fans show that they aren’t all bad!

EXOtics have a bad reputation amongst the K-Pop industry.

They are being touted as being the worst fandom since the days of H.O.T and DBSK thanks to those crazy sasaeng fans.

But hopefully these pictures will show that not all EXO fans are bad, and that many of them are actually kind and considerate.

These are pictures of EXOtics cleaning up an event venue that EXO-K performed at.

EXO fans show that they aren't all bad

This is at the Oak Valley Winter Festival, which took place on Oak Valley’s ski resort.

EXO-K performed Growl, Wolf, 3.6.5., and First Snow! They attracted a huge crowd, and of course with huge crowds, there’s bound to be a huge mess left behind.

Thankfully these EXOtics were there, or else the resort’s staff would have had to spend hours and hours cleaning the whole place up.

EXO fans show that they aren't all bad 1

These EXOtics helped clean pick up trash from the ground as well as stack up hundreds of chairs for the staff.

Keep in mind that they didn’t have to do this and also that the weather was freezing!

It’s very heartwarming to see people, let alone EXOtics, be selfless like this.

EXO fans show that they aren't all bad 2

So I think that these EXOtics deserve a round of applause for their selfless-ness.

Hopefully netizens will take note of this good gesture from EXO’s fans, and maybe they won’t wrongfully assume that all EXOtics are terrible people.

Source: OneHallyu

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