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EXO fans trend Chen’s birthday on Twitter! Happy ChenChen Day!

It’s September 21st in Korea, meaning that it’s EXO’s Chen’s birthday! Once 12:00AM KST rolled around, EXO fans from all around the world decided to make Chen’s birthday a trend on Twitter! They tweeted 3 sets of hashtags:

  • HappyChenChenDay
  • Happy Birthday Chen
  • Kim Jongdae

The trends ranked #1 in several countries, including Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia, and it ranked very high in all other parts of the world!

I’m sure Chen is feeling all of the love right now. At the MTV World Stage in Malaysia, Malaysian fans banded together and sang Chen a Happy Birthday song, moving him to tears!

EXO fans trend Chen's birthday on Twitter - Happy ChenChen Day

And as soon as EXO landed in Germany today, German fans got together and sang Happy Birthday to him again!

Chen is such a lovable troll, and he deserves all of the support from his fans. He’s definitely, and will always be, my bias in EXO (although Chanyeol sure is fighting very hard to be #1 on my list).

EXO fans trend Chen's birthday on Twitter - Happy ChenChen Day 1

He’s 22 years old in Korean age, but 21 years old internationally. I hope he manages to have a wonderful birthday despite having a busy schedule in Germany. The boys will be in Germany for a week as they do a magazine photo shoot! I can’t wait to see what that concept is.

Happy birthday Chen!!

EXO fans trend Chen's birthday on Twitter - Happy ChenChen Day 2

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  1. 피터팬☆ says

    lol i just landed on this while searching for EXO facts and stuffs. and i can’t help not drop a comment because after knowing them within a week, chenchen became my instant bias. i love his face (i dunno why) and hands down to his voice. so amazing orz and another thing, i have the same case as you ’cause channie’s fighting for no.1 spot on my exo bias list. the site was a great help for a new fan like me 😉

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