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EXO finally hits #1 on Gaon’s digital music chart!

EXO’s December, 2014 has climbed to the very top of Gaon’s Digital Music Chart.

Daebak, topping a digital chart is one of the hardest things for an SM artist to do.

Sure, phsyical charts are something they can dominate with ease thanks to their powerful fanbases, but digital achievements are rare and far apart.

Not for EXO they aren’t. And what’s even more shocking is December, 2014 isn’t even a very-promoted song from EXO.

EXO finally hits number 1 on Gaons digital music chart

All they’ve really done is perform the song once or twice.

EXO’s other title tracks — Growl, Overdose, Miracles in December — All only charted #2 on Gaon’s digital charts.

December, 2014 is the first song of EXO’s to rank #1 digitally.

Plus, not only did it top the Download chart, it topped the BGM Chart and Album Chart as well.

Congratulations to EXO for becoming both physical and digital kings.

We hope that for their next comeback, they manage to top every single chart that matters.

Source: Huong_2503 @ Onehallyu

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