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EXO from EXO Planet #1: The Lost Planet Member Symbol Rings

Yay! Accessories from EXO’s 1st solo concert tour, EXO from EXO Planet #1: The Lost Planet Member are going on sale soon!

YesAsia has a few of these accessories available for pre-order right now.

If you’re a hardcore EXO fan, you’ll want these accessories in your arsenal.

Below are symbol rings representing each of the EXO members. Choose the one that represents your favorite bias(s)!

The expected release date for these rings is July 30th, so pre-order yours now so you can get your items as soon as possible (with YesAsia sometimes shipping items a few days before they become available).

EXO from EXO Planet The Lost Planet Symbol Rings

Sehun’s Symbol Ring

Tao’s Symbol Ring

Chen’s Symbol Ring

Lay’s Symbol Ring

Xiumin’s Symbol Ring

Luhan’s Symbol Ring

Kai’s Symbol Ring

D.O’s Symbol Ring

Chanyeol’s Symbol Ring

Baekhyun’s Symbol Ring

Suho’s Symbol Ring

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