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EXO gets swarmed by fans in London

EXO has landed” was probably the war cry of hundreds of fans when the boys’ airplane landed in London.

Fans waited nearly 4 hours at the airport to see a glimpse of their idols.

Some fans were behaved and calm, but the others were crazy and desperate.

EXO tried to go around the fans by sneaking around the side instead of going through the center of the terminal, but that turned out to be a bad idea.

EXO gets swarmed by fans in London

Within seconds of being spotted, hundreds of fans swarmed EXO, some even clinging onto the boys and invading their personal space.

There was one crazy fan clinging on Kai’s arm for the longest time, and another fan on Sehun’s.

EXO gets swarmed by fans in London 1

EXO gets swarmed by fans in London 3

EXO’s manager was able to push both of them off though, and some of the more considerate EXO-L there kept those girls in check.

The girl that was clinging onto Kai was causing even more trouble later on.

As soon as the boys got into their car and closed the door, she OPENED the car door and shoved her presents at them. The manager tried to shove them back, but she kept pushing them in.

The manager gave in and took the presents, but as soon as the car was driving off, he threw the presents out.

Here is a fan account of what happened, by BleachAngel. Also check out the threaded started by her here for more updates.

EXO gets swarmed by fans in London Heathrow

Here’s a fan’s video, with the focus being on Kai and Xiumin:


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