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EXO gives fans free drinks/snacks in front of the MBC building

To thank fans for supporting them at their 2013 MBC Gayo Daejun broadcast schedule, EXO treated their fans out to free drinks and snacks!

EXO and SM Entertainment placed a snack car right in front of MBC’s building, where fans could get their hands on specialized EXO treats.

The snacks were wrapped in EXO decorations and the drinks were all cleverly named after each EXO member.

Fans could help themselves to a D.O Latte, and AmeriKAIno, a Lay Tea, Herb Suho, Luhanzelnut, Yulmoo Chanyeol, and more!

EXO treats fans out to free drinks and snacks in front of MBC
Cr: SMent_EXO


Here’s the full list of drinks available:

  • Herb Suho
  • Lemonhong Baekhyun (Red Lemon Tea)
  • Bogsungahong Sehun (Red Peach Tea)
  • D.O Latte
  • Ameri-KAI-no
  • Yulmoo Chanyeol (Adlay Grain-Based Tea)


  • Milk Kris (Milk Tea)
  • Hot Tao (Hot Cocoa)
  • Xiumin Milk (Vanilla-flavored milk)
  • Lay Tea (Lemon-flavored Tea)
  • Luhan-zelnut (Hazelnut-flavored coffee)
  • Yuja Chen (Citron Tea)

Fans also encountered another special surprise when they received their drinks. It turns out that the EXO members signed each cup of their respective drinks! Making them good take-home souvenirs even after the contents are emptied out.

Cr: SuChen_ism
Cr: SuChen_ism

Despite freezing weather conditions, tons of EXO fans came out to support their favorite idols, so in appreciation of that, EXO thought the least they could do was help keep their fans warm.

SM Entertainment released a statement saying,

“We prepared this coffee event to thank EXO’s fans for coming out in this cold weather. We wanted to thank all of EXO’s fans for supporting them throughout this year, and we wanted to show our gratitude through this small gesture.”

EXO is currently rehearsing and filming for MBC’s Gayo Daejun event, which is set to air on December 31st – 8:45KST.

It’s awesome and thoughtful how EXO is considerate of their fans. We hope their fans stay warm and that there is enough snacks and coffee to go around!

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  1. Yolanie says

    So heartwarming! :'( I wish I was there too! SM and Exo, keep it up! (…my SM love feels…<3)

  2. emily_kuzma says

    ‘Kay, but you guys… “Hot Tao.” XD

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