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EXO grabs their 10th win with Growl! Get well soon Kai/Chanyeol!

EXO has just achieved their 10th win with Growl!! Unfortunately, it’s not their 10th win in a row. Yesterday, Crayon Pop beat them on Music Bank by about 100 points, stealing away their winning streak… But that’s okay, because they have already achieved so much. At least this way, EXO can feel less bad about Crayon Pop not getting recognized for their popularity.

Today EXO went up against Bumkey and Seungri on Music Core for the #1 position, two very fearsome opponents. Everything was very touch-and-go at the end, with EXO going neck in neck with Seungri in points. But alas, it was EXO who came out on top, which was quite surprising considering Seungri is part of the all-powerful Big Bang.

The final score came out to Bumkey grabbing 6272 points, Seungri grabbing 7058 points, and EXO grabbing a whopping 8074 points.

EXO grabs their 10th win with Growl!

Congrats to EXO for winning their 10th trophy. It’s surprising how well they’re still doing despite their album being released 4 weeks ago. While they may not have been able to achieve the Triple Crown yesterday on Music Bank, they’re still going strong with their achievements. Hopefully they’ll be able to achieve their triple crown from Inkigayo!

Also we hope that Kai and Chanyeol feel better. Apparently fans stated that Chanyeol has been having back pains. He lied on the floor during the recording and said that he his back was hurting very painfully. Feel better you two!

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