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EXO grabs their 10th win with Overdose!

EXO has just won their 10th win with Overdose!

This week, they grabbed their trophy from Inkigayo.

Not only that, but this is their 1st triple crown for Overdose!

They’re the 1st boy group to grab a triple crown this year, and the 2nd K-Pop act to get a triple crown (Akdong Musician got the 1st).

We’re glad to see them back on the music show charts!

They missed out on a lot of wins last week.

Cr: EXO_Intl
Cr: EXO_Intl

This week they were competing against Fly to the Sky and INFINITE, but EXO-K triumphed in the end…

EXO-K won with 7080 points. Fly to the Sky came in 2nd with 6560 points and INFINITE came in last with 6409 points.

A remarkable victory.

Congratulations to EXO-K for the win! We hope they continue their streak throughout this week.

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