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EXO grabs their 14th win with Growl on Music Core!

The boys of EXO have done it again! They have just earned their 14th win with Growl as well as their 4th Triple Crown (shouldn’t it be a quadruple crown?) on tonight’s Music Core! Ironically, their performance was a pre-taped one because the EXO-K members had to go to the Philipines for a concert.

The boys had to go up against Teen Top and Sunmi, but they were the ones who triumphed in the end.

In a way, things worked out because Teen Top attained their 1st win on Music Bank yesterday by beating out EXO! So it’s like they’re swapping wins (Sunmi, you’ll get your chance soon!).

The final score was EXO with 6925 points, Sunmi with 6529 points, and Teen Top with 6119 points (Sunmi was so close!).

Tonight’s Music Core was EXO’s Goodbye Stage. They wrapped up their promotions for Growl on last night’s Music Bank. These boys are getting ready to split up into sub-units again, much to the sadness of both their fans as well as themselves.

EXO attains their 14th win with Growl!

SM Entertainment assures us however that the boys will still make appearances on variety shows every now and then, so they’ll still somewhat be around. SM also stated that the boys’ next comeback hasn’t been finalized, but rumors are already spreading around that it’ll be by the end of October (hopefully not. EXO needs to rest).

Congrats to the boys for another win! We’re all very proud of them! They’ve won 14 times with Growl and 4 times with Wolf. That’s 18 total wins this entire year, the most wins for any artist who debuted or had a comeback this year! They deserve a good night’s rest.

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