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EXO grabs their 1st win with “Call Me Baby!


EXO has taken home their very first trophy for Call Me Baby!

Their 1st wins was thanks to Inkigayo and they won by a landslide.

They went up against their hoobaes Red Velvet and artist Huh Gak.

They came out on top with 10,000 points vs Red Velvet’s 5215 points and Huh Gak’s 5148 points.

EXO wins 1st place with Call Me Baby on Inkigayo

We know that the boys will continue to go strong with Call Me Baby and bring home a bunch of awards.

It is a bit sad that they took away the 1st place win from Red Velvet, but with SM’s compact schedule, some sacrifices have to be made.

SM Entertainment is looking to go all out this year with comebacks.

We’re so very happy for EXO and it was so great of Suho to talk about Tao during his speech.

I’m not too familiar with the point system for Inkigayo, but it is a bit uncomfortable to see EXO with both 0 points in Physical and 0 points in Viewers.

But it’s great that EXO-L all pulled together and managed to get EXO the max points in votes and 3,500 points in SNS.

Points breakdown:

55% Digital: 5500 points

5% Physical: 0 points

35% SNS: 3,500 points

5% Viewers: 0 points

10% Votes: 1,000 points.

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