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EXO grabs their 1st win with “Miracles in December”!

EXO is beginning to accumulate wins with their Winter comeback “Miracles in December“.

Their 1st win was compliments of Music Core. They went up against Seo In Guk and SISTAR’s Hyorin for the win, coming out at top with 7458 points total!

Seo In Guk came in second place with 6154 points and Hyorin came in 3rd with 4271 points!

It’s no surprise that EXO won, considering their “Miracles in December” album has almost sold 200,000 copies already!

EXO grabs their 1st win with Miracles in December

This week’s performance featured only 5 of the members: Chen, Baekhyun, D.O, Luhan, and Lay.

It’s a much deserve win for EXO, and hopefully it’s not their only one.

Throughout this week, EXO will only be promoting with 5 members, but beginning next week, they’ll promote with all 12 members!!

Meaning there’s a good chance their scores will increase massively due to a huge collective of EXO fans tuning in.

Congratulations to EXO for their very 1st win with Miracles in December!

Check out their winning segment in the video below.

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