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EXO grabs their 3rd win for Call Me Baby on MCD!

EXO has just grabbed their 3rd win with Call Me Baby!

They went up against Miss A on M!Countdown and won by a landslide.

It was a little scary for a bit seeing as how Miss A got a perfect all-kill on the digital charts.

But EXO-L showed just how powerful of a fanbase they are.

EXO wins 3rd win with call me baby against miss a


For just the SMS votes alone, EXO received 97% of the votes while Miss A only received 3%.

EXO-L is no joke.

What’s also sweet was EXO celebrating Sehun’s birthday on M!Countdown with EXO-L. That was a nice surprise for him, especially since his birthday is on April 12th.

We love Sehun’s hair today. It kind of reminds us of how he looked back when he first debuted.

Anyways, congratulations to EXO for the 3rd win with Call Me Baby!

Photo credit: Credit: @SMent_EXO

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