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EXO grabs their 9th win in a row from M!Countdown’s KCON 2013


EXO has just scored their 9th win in a row, with their latest win coming from M!Countdown’s KCON 2013 concert in LA! At KCON 2013, the boys wowed the entire audience with their spectacular introduction, as well as their performances of “Wolf”, “Growl”, and their crowd-pleaser, “3.6.5”.

M!Countdown didn’t announce EXO’s win until they broadcasted their performance for everyone to see, so their winning-interview was held at SM Entertainment’s practice room (as evident with the SM-standard wallpaper in the background).

EXO grabs their 9th win on M!Countdown

The boys went up against Crayon Pop again, and yet again they came out on top. EXO expressed their sympathy for Crayon Pop, because even though the boys are happy that they have been winning all this time, they do feel that they’re in a tough position because Crayon Pop hasn’t been able to achieve any trophies of their own.

You can check out EXO’s “winning” interview below, where the boys show off their excitement as well as their over-the-top goofiness.

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