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EXO Happy Camp becomes the 3rd most popular search query on Weibo

EXO Happy Camp” is the 3rd most popular search query on Weibo. Fans have been eager to search up both pictures of the boys at Happy Camp as well as any possibly video leakage of the event. Unfortunately for fans, the latter part won’t be revealed until the show officially airs. Hunan TV, the producers of Happy Camp, has asked everyone to refrain from uploading any video footage of the event in respect for both their program as well as in respect for EXO. Luckily for us, Hunan TV and fans have both released images of EXO recording for Happy Camp and it looks like all of us are in for a very entertaining episode. The members play a variety of games and dress in a ridiculous costumes to entertain their fans.

EXO Happy Camp 58

The members are finally altogether for the first time on Happy Camp, and the atmosphere is very lively. In the past, only EXO-M or EXO-K were featured on Happy Camp, but not the entirety of the group. Now that the group is promoting as one, they’ll finally all be able to participate together in these shows. We finally get to see our favorite parings join forces as they show off their charms and compete against each other and the MCs for 1st place.

Credit: SMent.EXO
Credit: SMent.EXO

EXO has appeared a couple of times on Happy Camp in the past, with one of those appearances being on Happy Camp’s 15th Anniversary celebration episode. The folks at Happy Camp hold EXO in very high respect, and with good reason. It also seems like EXO enjoys being guests on Happy Camp because they know that they’re always in for a good time.

We won’t have any footage of this episode of Happy Camp anytime soon, but while we wait, we can always re-watch the previous episodes of Happy Camp featuring our beloved rookies. Here’s the full episode of Happy Camp’s 15th Anniversary Celebration episode with English subtitles. It’s hilarious and it really showcases EXO’s wonderful personalities.

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