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EXO hints that fans “won’t have to wait long” for their new album


EXO-M just had an interview with IQIYI, and they hinted to their fans that they won’t “be waiting for long” for EXO’s next album release.

The members were so eager to announce their album release, but they had to hold back because it’s all still a secret. Nonetheless, they have us all excited. Maybe they really are releasing an album in November!

EXO-M said that they do feel pressure when releasing a new album, especially since XOXO was such a ginormous success. They said that there’s pressure in releasing better and better music each time they have a comeback.

They felt that way when preparing “Wolf” and “Growl“, and now they’re feeling it with their next album.

EXO hints that fans won't have to wait too long for their next album

In the same interview, EXO also discussed their excitement to be performing at a national stadium in Beijing for SMTOWN. This is their first time performing in Beijing for SMTOWN, so they are honored, even if their stage time is pretty short.

They also discussed how they don’t compare themselves to EXO-K in terms of popularity. One, because nothing good can come of it, and two, because when they return to their dorms, everyone’s so tired that all they do is bathe and go to sleep.

Also, Lay gave a huge speech thanking everyone who helped EXO become successful, including the hair and makeup team, their composers, Lee Soo Man, and of course, all of their fans.

You can check out EXO-M’s interview below! I kind of wished that Tao wasn’t so withdrawn in this interview… I wonder if it’s because he’s tired or if something ruined his mood.

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