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EXO is 1st boy group to rank #1 on Forbes Korea Power Celebrity List

EXO has become the 1st boy group ever to top Forbes Korea’s 2015 Power Celebrity Top 40 list!

Last year they were rank #5, with Girls’ Generation, Big Bang, Suzy, and Ryu Hyun Jin ahead of them.

This year, they show that both their power and their influence are only growing, even though they had the worst of scandals last year.

Congratulations to EXO for pushing ahead of all of the other celebrities on the list.

EXO 1st boy group to land Forbe Koreas Power Celebrities list

Following EXO on the 2015 list are Kim Soo Hyun, HyunA, Jun Ji-Hyun, and Son Yeon Jae.

We understand why Forbes Korea chose EXO as the #1 power celebrity though. They have overwhelming CF powers and a lot of big companies wants them for their ad campaigns.

With them as CF models, companies see their sales skyrocket.

Of course, you can’t have EXO topping lists without people complaining.

Netizens are already upset at the boys for dominating yet another list, saying that other celebrities deserve to be #1 more.

But who cares, EXO is still going to slay the charts and the haters will continue to hate.

We look forward to see which list or chart EXO will take over next.

EXO 1st boy group to land Forbe Koreas Power Celebrities list 2

Source: Taewoon

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