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EXO is expected to have a real comeback around February 2014

EXO is set to have a special comeback this week with their Christmas song “Miracles in December. They’ll be releasing a mini-Christmas album of the same title that will contain 5 tracks, including:

  1. Miracles in December
  2. Christmas Day
  3. The Star
  4. My Turn To Cry
  5. The First Snow
  6. Miracles in December (Classical Orchestra Version)

While “Miracles in December” still technically counts as a comeback, it isn’t the comeback that SM’s producers have been hyping up. It’s just a way for EXO to end their spectacular year.

Economics Today reported that after some analysis, they expect that EXO’s next album will drop sometime in February 2014. EXO will promote the album throughout the 1st half of the year, and then they’re speculated to be holding a global tour around the second half of the year! Perhaps they will venture off into Japanese activities throughout the latter half of the year as well.

EXO speculated to have another comeback in February 2014

If rumors are correct, this should be the tracklist for their album.

Now this news hasn’t been confirmed by SM Entertainment, so of course take it with a grain of salt. Economics Today’s analyst did some research and went over SM Entertainment’s financial records and they felt that February would be the optimal time for EXO to make their comeback.

Also, in an unsurprising note, EXO’s success has helped skyrocket SM Entertainment’s year-over-year sales in its 3rd quarter. SM saw a 41.4% increase in sales in this year’s 3rd quarter compared to last year. Of course, SHINee also helped with that sales figure, and Super Junior and TVXQ’s tours helped as well.

I’m very glad that EXO is successful, and honestly I’m excited to see another album from them in February… but seriously, when are they going to get a vacation? They’re going to be promoting “Miracles in December” all throughout December. They’ll be holding a joint concert with f(x) from December 24th-December 25th. EXO’s D.O will start prepping for his new movie at the end of this month, and they’re going to need all of January to prepare for their next comeback. SM is working them hard.

Source: Economics Today


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